FRENCH FLAIR, Flaneurz latest collection foreshadows a spring touch. It celebrates Adidas, Nike and Veja brands in four detachable roller skates . Available in Change your shoes and Ready-to-Roll in three series  : First, Iconic and Premium, FRENCH FLAIR collections models match with your springtime desires.


In the antique city, four Flâneurs cruise along the paths that meet the sea,
Tracing the curves of the coast in their wake
The rays of the spring sun pierce the clouds.
The softness of a new beginning guides them towards horizons with multiple opportunities
Allies of time and the elements, they dare to be carefree with confidence, both novice and intrepid
In harmony, the group builds itself with exhilarating energy.



We selected two V-10 models which combine quality and elegance.

With its leather and suede made in Brazil, the V-10 Multico Natural Babe lights up your style with pastel colors reminiscent of spring.

You can wear your Veja v-10 both day and night, thanks to its completely black design. Need a little extra flair? The pair is made out of C.W.L*, a vegan alternative to leather made from 100% organic cotton fabric (covered by a coating made of PU, corn and castor oil).

*Cotton Worked as Leather

These two pairs are perfect for strolling under the sun with your skates.


The Nike Court Vintage, an emblem of the golden age of tennis, will take you back to the 80s. Comfortable and delicate, this pair will add a vintage touch to your outfits. The comfort offered by its cushioned sockliner will allow you to enjoy your roller skating sessions, Flaneurz at your feet.


This pair needs no introduction. The NBA players all time favorite pair, first introduced in the 80s, is making its comeback in our spring collection. Timeless, the Adidas Top Ten is your new must-have, both for walking and rolling. 

All our detachable roller skates collections are also available at the Flaneurz store located in Pantin (a few minutes from Paris).

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