Welcome into the high modernity of “concept shoe”, where shoes are not only used for walking or running but also for skating and soon enough for jumping, riding and sliding.

Concept :
On Wheelz makes you able to clip wheels onto almost any shoe, get your own style and roll in any circumstance with your own, personalized, skates. On Wheelz it’s : Skates adaptable to any look for any circumstance, be it a means to roll to work or a fashion statement, always making your personal style greater. The clip­ out system itself allows its user to start with a stroll then elegantly switch to a roll, without making a single change to one's outfit, style and personality.

Benefits :
Thanks to On Wheelz system Shoes, everyday urban commuting is fun, fast, easy and eco-friendly. Rollerskating is an endurance sport, comparable to walking, running or cycling : it brings many benefits to your heart, lungs and articulations. It gives a complete workout to your body, with fexibility  and a good sense of balance.

Composition :
On Wheelz consists of shoes and particularly sneakers (unisex, from 4 to 13) and a rolling part with a plate, wheels and toes stop for each shoe. The innovation lies in an interface installed by hand in the shoes’ soles that allow to fix one's favorite shoes onto a rolling part, as well as to realease them from it. The On Wheelz system weights 300 to 400 grams, depending on the size (to add the weight of shoes, wheels and rollerskate plates).
We have exclusively for sale On Wheelz ‘ready to skate’ (rolling chassis + shoes). In the near future, we'll have for sale the shoes separetely, in one go with the On Wheelz system incorporated which allows you to clip them to your formerly bought rolling chassis. You will also be able to send us your shoes for us to install the On Wheelz system in them.


Modular, aesthetic, elegant, timeless, urban, attractive, symbolic, the Iconic serie is an invitation to discover rollerskating in all its diversity. An iconic sneaker, the success of which is eternal, having a light rolling chassis (made in USA), all surface and colored wheels. The Iconic serie is ideal for urban transport, leisure, stroll...

Poupa Test, member (jammer) of the French Roller Derby team : “The advantage is that I don't bother with extra shoes. I use my On Wheelz when I visit friend and when the weather is nice... I enjoy the occasion for having a sensation shoot that come with skating!"


Modular, technical, top of the serie, uncluttered, illustrious, the Premium serie opens the doors of performance to realize different types of tricks. A legendary sneaker which has proved to be efficient on sports grounds clipped on a precise and robust rolling chassis (made in Italy), with light wheels, reactive, resistant to abrasion and adhesive on a large number of surfaces. The Premium serie uses high quality components. It is designed for technical and demanding sporty skating.

Chloe Seyrès, aka Kozmic Bruise, member (jammer) of the French Roller Derby team :"It’s sturdy, and you trust them when you have to speed up, make a sharp direction change, or switch from road to sidewalk."

Technical partners

Flaneurz surrounds itself with market leading companies in rollerskate components in order to equip On Wheelz products. Addressing Flaneurz' main issues sucessfully, and having a extensive experience and expertise on their own market segments, these companies are synonym of quality and trustworthiness :

Roll Line, an italian worldwide leader brand in the field of artistic roller, which is making a very much noticed start in the world of roller derby. Roll Line Products are the result of many years spent in research and development. Roll Line equips Premium serie products.

Sure Grip, a californian brand, created in 1937 and a roller quad specialist. Sure Grip plates equip On Wheelz' Iconic serie.  ­

Kryptonics, an american company which was created in 1965 and revolutionized the world of skateboard wheels and then rollerskating itself. It created a color code for wheels’ hardness and determinated a scale for wheels' size. Krypto’s wheels have been selected for On Wheelz in the Iconic serie.  

On Wheelz, innovative system is made with components, materials, technical solutions resulting from high technology industry : ­

Sidas, a french compagny created in 1975, producing soles provided to many podiatrists as raw material. This company delivers much R&D expertise (to podiatrists, pedorthist, engineer...) in addition to its environmental credentials (ecological packaging, recycled paper...). Technicals soles in On Wheelz system consist of materials developped by Sidas.  ­

3M, an american company created in 1902, using science in a collaborative way to make everyday life better. They develop and produce an optimized range of products and technical solutions reserved for 5 large markets : consumers, electronics / energy, health, industry and security / signage. 3M adhesives are used for the “complexage” of chassis in On Wheelz products.  

Emporte pièce des Marais, a french company, created in 1982, is a manufacturer of punch at steel. Since its creation, it makes them to measure in an artisanal fashion. Punchs are used for cutting lots of components in On Wheelz’s system (technical soles, skate grip...)  ­

ESAT, workshops, french non profit and social organizations designed to help people with disabilities get back into work. ESAT workshops take part to the development of On Wheelz products thanks to : 
- the subcontracting of some of the system’s component, 
- the manufacturing of accessories (key, leash, bag...)
Carré Rond VisionFlaneurz’ partner since the beginning of this adventure, Camille Cibot, shoots our videos


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