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/What is the Ready-to-Roll Pack? 
The Ready-to-Roll pack includes a shoes equipped with the Flaneurz system (transformed soles) as well as two rolling parts that can be clipped under the shoe. An unlocking key is also included in your pack. This tool is useful to unlock your rolling part and become a walker again.  

/What is the Change Your Shoes offer? 
The Change Your Shoes offer is available for Clique members already equipped with a Ready-to-Roll pack. With this offer, you order a new shoes equipped with the Flaneurz system only. This shoe is compatible with your previously acquired rolling part.


/How do the "Custom" orders work? 
For your Ready-to-Roll pack or for your Change your Shoes, you have the possibility to send us your own shoes. It must meet the following specific requirements:

New shoes (unworn outdoor)
Flat sole made of rubber material
Minimum sole thickness: 7,0 mm in the front, 13,0 mm in the back
Sole's bump must not exceed 5mm depth with the ground contact area
Shoe tongue must be able to allow access to the shoes internal front part
Size must be between 35 and 46 2/3 (European size).

Shoes must allow a good heel support during the walking movement
Shoes can be low

When you place your order, you are asked for a URL link (internet link). This allows us to check that your shoe is compatible. A team member contacts you and gives you the shipping address within one business day. Purchase and shipping of this shoes is your responsibility. It is quite possible to have a shoes delivered from a third party e-commerce site, by entering the SkateLab address directly.

/How does the clip and unclip system work? 
Each Ready-to-Roll pack includes a user guide describing each step of the clip and unclip movement. The video tutorial below also serves as a reference and teaches you this movement. Don't forget to activate the subtitles to have the explanations. 


/Does the shoes comfort change with the Flaneurz system? 
Three years of Research & Development were required to design the Flaneurz mechanical system. We have worked in collaboration with the INP (Institut National de Podologie) to ensure that the transformed shoe remains comfortable and flexible when walking, but also when riding. The product continuous improvement allows us to make the system more and more discreet.

/How can I know if an item is available?
The detachable rollers on our e-shop www.flaneurz.com correspond to our product availability. Only the available sizes are presented on the site. However, you can subscribe to an alert on a specific size. An e-mail will be sent to you if this reference is available again on the e-shop. 

/How does restock work at Flaneurz? 
We do not guarantee restocking at Flaneurz. Like the Ready-to-Wear brands, we offer two collections (Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter) per year, as well as a Capsule collection (very limited editions). When a reference is out of stock, its return to stock on the site is not guaranteed. 


/How to choose the right size of my Flaneurz skates? 
A "Size Guide" tab is available on each product page. You will find the official guide of the shoe brand, in European and American sizes. You can also find your size from your foot measure. However, we advise you to visit a traditional physical shop to try if you have any doubts between two sizes.


/Should I take my usual size for my Flaneurz skates? 
Your shoes transformation to install the Flaneurz system does not change the size you choose. Take your normal size. If you are hesitating between two sizes, we advise you for your comfort to take the larger size, because in sports situations, your feet may tend to swell.


/For my Change Your Shoes, do I have to take the same size as my first Flaneurz pair?
When ordering a Change Your Shoes, you can take a new shoe that is not the same size as your first pair. Thanks to the serial number, we will be able to reproduce the identical positioning of the "female" system (in the sole). Your shoe size can vary by more or less two sizes.


/Where can I find my Flaneurz serial number?
Your serial number is struck under your right rolling part. Its format is as follows: FZ _ _ _ _ . It will be useful for you to communicate with the Team if you encounter any problems with your Flaneurz system, but also for all your Change Your Shoes orders.

/Where can I find technical skates information and characteristics? 
The "Rolling Parts" tab allows you to discover all the skates  technical characteristics.

/What are the differences between the rolling parts series? 

In order to adapt to the various skating practices, Flaneurz offers three rolling parts series to equip the shoes: First, Iconic and Premium series. One element is common to all three Flaneurz series: the clip and unclip system. The Iconic and Premium series also share the same ABEC 7 lubricated bearings. All the differences between the series can be consulted on the blog post "Flaneurz series" as well as in the tab "Rolling parts" present on all the product pages. 

/What practice can I do with my Flaneurz?
The Flaneurz detachable skates have been designed to offer a new soft mobility opportunity. They are designed mainly for walking and urban travel. It is also possible to learn a roller skating practice. However, your Flaneurz are not designed to withstand use in skateparks or in severe impacts. In order to choose the shoes that will perfectly match your practice, go to the blog post "Which shoes pair for which sport?

/How does the "Personalization" option work? 
If you wish to customize your rolling part and choose the different colors of your components (liseré, plate, wheels, front stops), you can select the "Personalization" option. All available options are in the "Customization" tab on all product pages. You can also refer to the blog post "How to customize my Flaneurz?” In order to send us your personalization choices, we invite you to write to us at info@flaneurz.com A Team member will contact you within one business day after your order to ask you for the desired personalization choices.

/Do I have a warranty on my Flaneurz product? 
Products have a two year warranties During this period, Flaneurz will confirm or deny proposed defects, diagnosing any problems having to do with their products, then if deemed necessary by them repair or replace components. This warranty does not cover the purchasing of a wrong sized product or issues about comfort. This warranty is attached to the consumer making the initial purchase and is not transferable. This warranty does not cover damage caused by: 
/Improper maintenance, careless/inappropriate use,
/Normal wear and tear,
/Any violent shock to the system,
/Any technical change made by the user.

/Are my shoes equipped with the Flaneurz system waterproof? 
Flaneurz does not guarantee the shoes waterproofness. This is an area for improvement that we are working on.

/How to maintain my Flaneurz rollers? 
Flaneurz detachable skate don’t require much daily maintenance. You can refer to the article "How to maintain skates?" for optimal maintenance. If external elements are trapped in the “female” mechanical system (in the sole), you can remove them with the unlocking key. This doesn’t affect the product properties. 

/Where my Flaneurz skate are produced? 
All Flaneurz detachable skate are handmade, one by one in our SkateLab in La Courneuve (Grand Paris - France). Six machines and two hours of work are required for their production. To learn more about our savoir-faire, refer to the blog post "Our savoir-faire".

/Where can I try and buy Flaneurz skates?
All Flaneurz detachable skates can be purchased on our e-shop. If you want to try the product, we offer daily meetings at the SkateLab (meeting with a Team member to try out the different models and rolling parts). You can make an appointment directly via our website (category "Store"). You can also come to the SkateLab without an appointment on our "Open House Day", which takes place one Saturday per month. Date is communicated several days in advance on our social networks. In both cases, you have the possibility to try and buy your Flaneurz pair. On an occasional basis, Flaneurz also organises pop-up stores in major French cities. You can discover them here.


/What is the Flaneurz personal account, how do I create it and connect to it?
The Flaneurz personal account allows you to enter all your information and place an order on the Flaneurz website. To create it, simply click on "Setting" (at the top right of your screen) then "Login". On this page, you have the possibility to create your personal space and therefore fill in your personal information, but also to connect directly if it is already created. When your personal account is created, you will receive an email confirming your good registration. To log in, only your email address and the password you have determined will be required.


/How can I modify my personal data? 
When you connect to your personal account, you arrive on your "Dashboard". In this space, you can "Edit" your information, "Manage addresses" and also modify your "Preferences".


/Forgotten password, what can I do? 
If you are unable to recover your password, you can click on the "Forgotten Password" link. You will receive an email asking you to reset your password.  By clicking on the link sent, you will be able to create a new password. If you are unable to change your password yourself, please feel free to contact us so that we can help you. 


/Can I unsubscribe from the Flaneurz website? 
You can unsubscribe from the site at any time by sending a request to Flaneurz: info@flaneurz.com. We will then confirm your unsubscription. Your subscription cancelation will automatically delete your account. 



Account creation:
Click on “settings” tab then “log in” and fill the fields.

Log in:
You have to use your ID and your password.
You can unsubscribe from Flaneurz’ website by asking it to : help@flaneurz.com. We will confirm your unsubscribing by email. Your unsubscribing will lead to your account deletion. ­ 

Personal data modification: 
Click on “settings” tab then “log in”, log in with your ID and password, then you can edit your personal data.

Forgot your password:
Click on “settings” tab then “log in”. Click on “Forgot your password”, enter your email address below. You will receive a link to reset your password. ­ 

Online payment:
Payment of the Products must be made in full at the time of ordering, through the secure online payment gateway on the Website. ­

Flaneurz reserves the right to suspend or cancel all orders and/or deliveries in case of non-payment of any amounts due by the Purchaser, in case of incident of payment, or in case of fraud or fraud attempt in connection with the use of the Website. Penalties of an amount equal to one and a half times (1.5 times) of the basic interest rate are applicable by law to the unpaid amounts from the moment of the notification of the rejected bank payments. ­ 

Payment method:
3D Secure: Securised payment protocol on internet made by Visa and Mastercard.
Paypal:  worldwide online payments system

Payment of Send Your Shoes offer:
The offer "Send Your Shoes" is personalized and require a particular attention from our side. The payment of the offer is made through bank transfer or PayPal. To do so, contact us: info@flaneurz.com

Shipping costs are offered for all, without any geographic restriction, in the entire world for the purchase of clip on rollerskates (including shoes + rolling part) . The accessories added to your rollerskates are delivered for free. Regarding the "Change Your Shoes" offer or the accessories themselves, the shipping costs are not included on the price indicated on the item page but you can find them on the order page. For every order of 100€ and more, the delivery cost are offered by Flaneurz.

Delivery mode: 
Colissimo ­ 

Delivery times: 
The production time announced is around 1 and 3 weeks. These periods are indicative and can be shorter. You are noticed at your order departure by email. You also have the possibility to follow your parcel thanks to the collissimo tracking number which is given to you. In case of special needs, dont hesitate to email us at: info@flaneurz.com

Delivery times default : 
see term of use here

International Shipping:
Shipping costs are offered for all, without any geographic restriction. Customs rights or local taxes can be asked and factured to customers resident outside of the European Union as well as inoverseas departments and territories. However, we cannot ascertain its exact amont.

Not delivered product:
Contact us at help@flaneurz.com and tell us your order number. 

Order Tracking:
When your order will be shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. With this tracking number you will be able to follow the shipping of your product on Colissimo .
Delivery address modification:
You can modify your delivery address while ordering. If you changed it after checkout, please contacthelp@flaneurz.com ­ 

Delivery adress is not the same as billing address: 
You can modify it while ordering. 

The Purchaser has fourteen (14) working days within the date of receipt of ordered Products to withdraw it without having to give any reasons or incurring penalties, except, if necessary, return costs.

The Purchaser who wishes to exercise his withdrawal right must warn Flaneurz at the address indicated in the present article 2, before expiry of above deadline, enclosed withdrawal form to the present terms and conditions duly filled out, or a statement in which he clearly formulates his commitment that he wants to withdraw including his order number.

The products must be returned to Flaneurz in their original packaging, properly sealed, no trace of use. They must be accompanied by a copy of the relevant invoice. The Purchaser is held responsible in case of deterioration of the Products upon their return to Flaneurz.

The Purchaser will be reimburse as soon as possible and no later than within fourteen (14) calendars day after the effective date of receipt by Flaneurz of the returned Products, of the full amount paid for his order, deduction of return cost as the case may require, that shall remain payable by the Purchaser. Flaneurz reserves the right to defer this reimbursement until the effective recovery of the Products.

Products are not exchangeable or refundable without proof of a manufacturing defect. Products have a two year warranties, allowing time for defects to be recognized should any exist. During this period, Flaneurz will confirm or deny proposed defects, diagnosing any problems having to do with their products, then if deemed necessary by having them repaired or by replacing components. This warranty does not cover the purchasing of a wrong sized product or issues with comfort. This warranty is attached to the consumer making the initial purchase and is not transferable.