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How to clip on/clip out your On Wheelz:

Shoe Comfort: 
3 years of R&D have been needed for the On Wheelz system conception, including a partnership with the INP, "French National Podiatry Institute". Thus, the shoes is confortable when you skate and bendable when you walk.

Out of stock item:
If the size of the item of your choice is mark as “out of stock”, click “sign up to get notified” to be informed of a potential restock.

Waterproofness and stuck in the compartments in the shoe soles:
Flaneurz doesn't garanty shoe waterproofness. If things get stuck in the compartments of your shoes soles, you can take them out with Flaneurz clip out key. This will not deteriorate in any way the product attribute. Thus, you can walk, dance, run and jump on any ground. 

Size selection:
A "size" tab is available on every product page. Be aware, size vary according to each brand. 

Flaneurz clip on skates have a two years guaranty, allowing time for defects to be recognized should any exist. During this period, Flaneurz will confirm or deny proposed defects, then if deemed necessary by them repair or replace components. This warranty does not cover the purchasing of a wrong sized product or issue about comfort. *this warranty is attached to the consumer making the initial purchase and is not transferable. In any other situation, the Flaneurz Product are neither exchangeable or refundable.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • Improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, or careless/inappropriate use of your On Wheelz.
  • Any violent shock to the On Wheelz.
  • Any technical change made by the user.

 The Offer "Prêt-à-Rouler":
The "Prêt à rouler" offer include a transformed pair of shoes as well as a rolling part and a clip out key.

The Offer "Change Your Shoes":
The "Change your Shoes" offer is available for those among you who already got a "Prêt à Rouler" pack and want to transform an other pair of shoes. Two solution are then possible : - Ordering a pair of shoes itself, transformed with the On Wheelz system among models in our collection. - Send us your favorite shoes for us to transform them. You can then use the same rolling part with your different transformed shoes.

You wish to obtain a fully personalized clip on rollerskates using the shoes of your choice?
For those who haven't purchased the "Prêt à Rouler" pack yet, the offer "Send Your Shoes" is now available as a pilote : sending of a pair of shoes of your choice. Validation of your shoes is made through the sending of pictures or a link by email (info@flaneurz.com). We are then choosing the rolling part components (skate plate, wheels) together.

Where is the serial number of Flaneurz' rollerskates? :
The serial number of Flaneurz' rollerskates is written at the end of the user guide and under one of the two rolling parts.

ORDER(S) :  
“My cart” definition:
My cart sums up the items that you want to buy.

"My cart” modification:
The cart can be changed, that is to say that you can change your item selection.

Inscription / Account creation:
After choosing your items you are going to be guided to a page to create your account. You will just have to fill up the form. All the required fields must be filled.

Once your item selection done and your account created you can check them out.

Order validation:
After checkout you’re going to receive a confirmation email that sums up your item, gives you an estimated date for delivery and your invoice. If you don’t receive this email, check your personal data and contact Flaneurz : help@flaneurz.com

Cancelling or changing your order:
After checkout it is not possible to cancel or change your order, you will have to wait for delivery and send the items back to us, following the steps detailed here. ­ 

Book items in advance:
It is not possible to book items in advance on Flaneurz' e-shop. For every specific request, contact us.


Account creation:
Click on “settings” tab then “log in” and fill the fields.

Log in:
You have to use your ID and your password.
You can unsubscribe from Flaneurz’ website by asking it to : help@flaneurz.com. We will confirm your unsubscribing by email. Your unsubscribing will lead to your account deletion. ­ 

Personal data modification: 
Click on “settings” tab then “log in”, log in with your ID and password, then you can edit your personal data.

Forgot your password:
Click on “settings” tab then “log in”. Click on “Forgot your password”, enter your email address below. You will receive a link to reset your password. ­ 

Online payment:
Payment of the Products must be made in full at the time of ordering, through the secure online payment gateway on the Website. ­

Flaneurz reserves the right to suspend or cancel all orders and/or deliveries in case of non-payment of any amounts due by the Purchaser, in case of incident of payment, or in case of fraud or fraud attempt in connection with the use of the Website. Penalties of an amount equal to one and a half times (1.5 times) of the basic interest rate are applicable by law to the unpaid amounts from the moment of the notification of the rejected bank payments. ­ 

Payment method:
3D Secure: Securised payment protocol on internet made by Visa and Mastercard.
Paypal:  worldwide online payments system

Payment of Send Your Shoes offer:
The offer "Send Your Shoes" is personalized and require a particular attention from our side. The payment of the offer is made through bank transfer or PayPal. To do so, contact us: info@flaneurz.com

Shipping costs are offered for all, without any geographic restriction, in the entire world for the purchase of clip on rollerskates (including shoes + rolling part) . The accessories added to your rollerskates are delivered for free. Regarding the "Change Your Shoes" offer or the accessories themselves, the shipping costs are not included on the price indicated on the item page but you can find them on the order page. For every order of 100€ and more, the delivery cost are offered by Flaneurz.

Delivery mode: 
Colissimo ­ 

Delivery times: 
The production time announced is around 1 and 3 weeks. These periods are indicative and can be shorter. You are noticed at your order departure by email. You also have the possibility to follow your parcel thanks to the collissimo tracking number which is given to you. In case of special needs, dont hesitate to email us at: info@flaneurz.com

Delivery times default : 
see term of use here

International Shipping:
Shipping costs are offered for all, without any geographic restriction. Customs rights or local taxes can be asked and factured to customers resident outside of the European Union as well as inoverseas departments and territories. However, we cannot ascertain its exact amont.

Not delivered product:
Contact us at help@flaneurz.com and tell us your order number. 

Order Tracking:
When your order will be shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. With this tracking number you will be able to follow the shipping of your product on Colissimo .
Delivery address modification:
You can modify your delivery address while ordering. If you changed it after checkout, please contacthelp@flaneurz.com ­ 

Delivery adress is not the same as billing address: 
You can modify it while ordering. 

The Purchaser has fourteen (14) working days within the date of receipt of ordered Products to withdraw it without having to give any reasons or incurring penalties, except, if necessary, return costs.

The Purchaser who wishes to exercise his withdrawal right must warn Flaneurz at the address indicated in the present article 2, before expiry of above deadline, enclosed withdrawal form to the present terms and conditions duly filled out, or a statement in which he clearly formulates his commitment that he wants to withdraw including his order number.

The products must be returned to Flaneurz in their original packaging, properly sealed, no trace of use. They must be accompanied by a copy of the relevant invoice. The Purchaser is held responsible in case of deterioration of the Products upon their return to Flaneurz.

The Purchaser will be reimburse as soon as possible and no later than within fourteen (14) calendars day after the effective date of receipt by Flaneurz of the returned Products, of the full amount paid for his order, deduction of return cost as the case may require, that shall remain payable by the Purchaser. Flaneurz reserves the right to defer this reimbursement until the effective recovery of the Products.

Products are not exchangeable or refundable without proof of a manufacturing defect. Products have a two year warranties, allowing time for defects to be recognized should any exist. During this period, Flaneurz will confirm or deny proposed defects, diagnosing any problems having to do with their products, then if deemed necessary by having them repaired or by replacing components. This warranty does not cover the purchasing of a wrong sized product or issues with comfort. This warranty is attached to the consumer making the initial purchase and is not transferable.