Flaneurz innovation

Flaneurz enables you to walk and roll with the same pair of shoes. By attaching wheels under your shoes, you can practice sports and urban gliding while being in harmony with your style.
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system components


an innovative mechanism

For three years Team Flaneurz has focused on the research and development of the mechanical system of its first product allowing the connection between a shoe and a rollerskate plate.

This system, patented in 2015, is the result of exchanges between engineers and chiropodists to respect the comfort of the foot while allowing the practice of sports. This system is composed of a female part housed in the sole of your shoes and a male part, integrated on the chassis The whole is the Flaneurz innovation that allows you to go from walking to rolling in a few seconds.

in France


The mechanical system is composed of more than thirty parts designed and assembled in France. Each product is handmade. We assemble all the components which we have chosen for their technicality and quality. Then, we make the frame and proceed to the transformation of the soles of your shoes. Six machines and two hours of meticulous work are necessary to produce a pair of Flaneurz detachable roller skates.

Each pair is unique. Our expertise allows us to guarantee an optimal final result.



Flaneurz offers an interface that allows you to attach the shoe to the best existing rolling equipment. Flaneurz has therefore partnered with the best manufacturers: Roll Line, Kryptonics, Luminous.

In order to adapt to the different skating practices and to suit novices as well as more seasoned skaters, we offer two series: Iconic and Premium.

Manufacturing details

The experience of our team guarantees a meticulous production. Immerse yourself in the different steps of the manufacturing process.

The male part

The chassis integrates the male part of the system. It is composed of hooks that allow the hooking and locking between the rolling part and the shoe.

The female part

Transforming the shoe and inserting the system is the most time consuming step. Each shoe is unique and requires a specific treatment.

The assembly

The chassis is fixed on the plate and then covered with a grip. Each rolling part is meticulously crafted for optimum quality.

Quality control

Before shipping your Flaneurz, your detachable roller skates go through quality control to guarantee you a safe ride.

A fair price

The cost of our detachable roller skates is a frequent question.
In order to understand better the selling price of Flaneurz, we must consider the acquisition cost of each component and the time needed to manufacture them.

In addition, your rolling part can accommodate other shoes that we will transform to allow you to improve your experience. You will then only bear the cost of transforming your new pairs of shoes.