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When opening the box, make sure that all the parts have been included.

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Rolling Part

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How to clip off

Clipping and unclipping your new Flaneurz roller skates is easy after a few tries that may seem tedious. It is a necessary step. Here are our tips to make this "breaking-in" period easier. Soon, as all our users, you will clip on in a few seconds.

The following steps should be done with your feet in the shoes.

Clé étape 1
1. Place your roller skates perpendicular to the floor so that your shoe toe is pointing downward.
Clé étape 2
2. Insert the clip-off key into the hole at the back of the rolling part.
Clé étape 3
3. Push down vertically on the clip-off key with the palm of your hand.
Clé étape 4
4. Push the rolling part down.
Clé étape 5
5. Rotate the rolling part from left to right to release the front hook.
Clé étape 6
6. Remove the clip-off key.

How to clip on

The following steps should be done with your feet in the shoes.

Clipser étape 1
1. Use a pole, railing or wall for support. Place the rolling part on the floor. Immobilize it by blocking the rear wheel with your standing foot. Place your other foot above your rolling part so that the front compartment on your sole comes above the front hook. When the hook has entered its compartment, put your body weight on your toes.
Clipser étape 2
2. Push the shoe back as far as possible by lifting up the heel from the rolling part. To achieve this, rotate your heel from left to right.
Clipser étape 3
3. Now, the front hook is securely locked into its front compartment. Lower the heel on the chassis. Feel around to align the back compartment with the hooks. You are now ready to clip-on. If step 2 is not fully completed, then step 3 is not possible.
Clipser étape 4
4. When the back compartment is on the hooks, transfer your body weight until you hear the "clic" that confirms that the attachment system is securely locked.
Clipser étape 5
5. Immobilize the rear wheel with the foot you already clipped, then repeat steps 1 to 4. Clipping the second foot requires a little more practice, so we recommend that you first clip on the foot you feel the less comfortable with.
Clipser étape 6
6. To ensure that the clip is perfectly done, put your weight on the heel by making movements from left to right, even if you have to lift the front of your roller skates from the ground.

To better visualize the movements, you can watch the tutorial video:

video tutorial Flaneurz

Each Flaneurz detachable roller skate is tested to see if it meets the quality standards that we impose on ourselves.


For your safety

This product is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters. For beginners, it is recommended to meet with a qualified instructor to learn basic skating techniques such as braking, skating, falling safely, and turning.

The use of the product is not recommended for people with disorders that affect mobility or reflexes.

Wear protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards...)

Upon reception of your Flaneurz roller skates and before every use, make sure that:

/ The trucks are well tightened
(Iconic: 14mm pipe or flat wrench
Premium: tightening nut (17mm flat wrench)
tightening nut’s set screw (4mm allen key)
keys included in your Roll-Line tool-kit)

/ The wheels are screwed properly
( Iconic / Premium: 13mm socket wrench)

/ Toe stops are well tightened
(Iconic / Premium: 5mm allen key included in your Roll Line tool-kit)

You can now roll with confidence.

Avoid steep inclines. They make it harder to brake and control your speed.

Avoid wet and slippery surfaces where the grip between your wheels and the ground could be compromised. These surfaces also affect your braking and water is bad for your bearings.

Avoid skating near roads and cars, choose lanes dedicated to pedestrians.

Be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for pedestrians when skating and always be prepared to come to a sudden stop. Hard or poorly controlled braking can cause damages not covered by the warranty.

Be familiar with local laws wherever you roll. Flaneurz cannot be held responsible for legal issues related to the practice of roller skating.

Flaneurz is not responsible for accidents and can under no circumstances be held liable for any damages related to/or arising from the use of this product.



Make sure that the fastening systems (Velcro and/or laces) are kept in good condition. Replace them if necessary. Some adaptations of the outsole of the shoe (the part in contact with the ground or the rolling part) have been made to adapt to the rolling part.

Make sure that nothing alters the contact between the outsole and the rolling part for optimal clip-on (including gravel stuck in the sole or in the compartments, chewing gum, bits of tar). If necessary, use the clip-off key to scrape away dirt and/or use a damp cloth to clean the sole.

Maintaining cleanliness: clean the shoe by using a hard bristle brush or a damp cloth. Do not put the shoes in the washing machine and/or the dryer. Let dry your shoes in the open air as often as possible.

Also, do not leave the product near heat sources (heaters or fireplaces) that could damage or distort the shoe.


To increase the life of your front stops and plugs, turn them regularly so that they wear uniformly.


Wheel wear can occur irregularly depending on how you skate. It is recommended that you rotate your wheels regularly. Make sure that there are no chips or flat spots on the wheels.

Bearings need regular cleaning, and need to be changed if you skate very often. Check your equipment every 5 to 10 rides. Skating in the rain or on wet surfaces will damage the bearings, so we do not recommend this.


The mechanical system (back hooks) must not be oiled or greased (for example WD40). These greasy products will agglomerate the dirt, which will tarnish the system and cause it to jam. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth to remove dust, or with a dust spray.

The chassis does not require any specific attention. You can clean it with a soft damp cloth. The grip can be maintained with a stiff bristle brush and a bit of soapy water.


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Products are not exchangeable or refundable beyond the withdrawal period, unless there is any proof of a manufacturing defect. Products have a two year warranty, allowing time for defects to be recognized should any exists. During this period, Flaneurz will confirm or deny proposed defects, diagnosing any problems having to do with their products, then if deemed necessary by them, repair or replace components. This warranty does not cover the purchasing of a wrong sized product or issues about comfort. In case of any doubts, we recommend that you go to a physical store to try the different shoe model and shoe sizes. This warranty is attached to the consumer making the initial purchase and is not transferable. Flaneurz does not garantee shoe waterproofness.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by:

/ Improper maintenance, careless/inappropriate use.

/ Normal wear and tear.

/ Any violent shock to the system.

/ Any technical change made by the user.

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