In order to adapt as well as possible to the various skating practices, Flaneurz offers two series of rolling parts to equip the shoes you want: Iconic and Premium series. 

One component is common to both Flaneurz series: the clip-on and clip-off system.




Both series cover the needs of both beginners and seasoned skaters. Your choice will be made according to their characteristics:
/Manageable, the Iconic rolling part is the lightest one and suited for skaters who wish to practice regularly
/The Premium are precise and robust, and are ideal for advanced skaters and those who would like to develop a more athletic practice

For all our series, the components have been selected with the same care. Our products are made to last and we guarantee you a long-lasting use. They are made and hand-assembled at the workshop of La Flânerie (Pantin, France).



This series is equipped with a NYFI plate made in China. It is made of injected Nylon reinforced with fiberglass, which makes it light and comfortable.

Toe stops are adjustable, with a 5/8" US thread and an Allen bolt locking mechanism.
The plate kingpin have a 20° angle, thus reinforcing your rolling parts’ stability.

After studying the best wheels on the market, we have developed our own Flaneurz wheels whose technical characteristics are suitable for urban mobility. Therefore, the Iconic rolling parts are equipped with wheels with a hardness of 78A. This characteristic enables an excellent absorption of the asperities of the ground and thus an optimal ease in your movements.

Available in Black or White 



For this series, we choose the Blaster and Variant plate of the Italian brand Roll Line for their quality and the brand’s reputation in the world of roller skating. These precise and sturdy plates are made of aluminium machined in the mass. The Variant plate, in its original aluminum color, is originally designed for figure skating, while the Blaster, in its black color, is known in roller derby. The kingpin of these plates have an 18° angle on the front, and 16° on the back.

The Roll Line Helium wheels which equip this series are chosen for their reactivity thanks to their injected plastic rims. Their color, (white or black) is thought and created only for Flaneurz. With a hardness of 82A, these wheels are mixed (interior/exterior) and therefore more adapted to smooth surfaces.

Available in Black or White 



/Rolling parts sizes
The choice of sizes for the rolling part, to fit a wide shoe sizes range, required a lot of research. Each size corresponds to a plate size. Thus, we divided the sizes (from 35 to 46 ⅔) into five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). The information below concerns the entrax, in millimeters.


Rolling part size Size (EUR) ICONIC PREMIUM
XS 35 - 37 146 mm 140 mm
S 37 ⅓ - 39 146 mm 140 mm
M 39 ⅓ - 41.5 159 mm 150 mm
L 42 - 43.5 172 mm 160 mm
XL 44 - 46 ⅔ 185 mm 170 - 180 mm


The size of your rolling parts will be useful to us when you will do a Change Your Shoes (Flaneurz or Slades). This information allows to produce the identical placement of the female mechanical parts inside your new shoe. To find your rolling part size, look under your right rolling part. You will either see a size from XS to XL or a serial number (ex: FZ1234) if your pair is older. On each product page, you will have access to a converter of serial number into plate size.


/Accessories compatibility
Note that some accessories are not compatible with all Flaneurz series. The space that accommodates the front stops on the Iconic rolling parts is equipped with a US thread, whereas it is an ISO thread on the Premium rolling part.

Be sure to order the right accessory for your rolling part.

Rookie toe stop  
Roll Line toe stop    
Mini-stoppers Roll Line    
Rink hockey toe stop    
Glitter wheels
Helium wheels
ABEC 7 bearings


/Rolling parts weight
The weight of the pair of rolling parts is also an important factor that can help you make your choice. Below are the average weights for two rolling parts. 


Rolling part size ICONIC PREMIUM 
XS 2.38 kg 2.50 kg
S 2.41 kg 2.50 kg
M 2.45 kg 2.52 kg
L 2.52 kg 2.60 kg
XL 2.57 kg 2.68 kg


Our two series are available for all Ready-to-Roll shoes.

Visit the e-shop for more technical details about the composition of our rolling parts for the Flaneurz Premium and Iconic series. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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