Active and non-polluting urban mobility is at Flaneurz commitments heart. Body energy is our engine, far from the electric batteries present in many modern transport means. Skateboard, bikes, scooters, roller skates? Bored of cars or public transport, are you looking for your next clean way of getting around? We offer you  differents alternatives overview.




In town, urban transport wide available choice gives everyone the opportunity to find his favorite way of travel. The trend is developing around non-polluting and non-powered sports equipment. The locomotion that we chose influence on air we breathe quality: this is the transport called "soft" challenge.

Whether your urban transport choice is bike, scooter, roller skates or skateboard, each brings you a solution emitting no pollutants or greenhouse gases. In addition to practicing daily sport, you (re)discover the urban travel pleasures.




The collective mind places bike in the soft mobility pole position. Very accessible and reassuring, it does not require physical capacity or specific coordination. Major cities are increasingly developing self-service bike services to give everyone access to this simple pleasure. This means of displacement is also the most interesting in terms of effort provided/distance traveled.

Bike is still cumbersome. Today,  there are folding bikes, meeting the urban cyclists needs (space saving ...). If it is rather simple to park your bike at your destination, it is imperative to opt for a good antitheft device and choose carefully where to park your preferred means of urban transport to avoid any damage or theft.

So that your bike remains your faithful companion over the years, special attention must be paid to its maintenance. Derrailleur, gears... must be degreased regularly and the chain oiled for the system proper functioning. Punctures can also compromise your cycling pleasure. The wheels are also to be monitored to ensure your bike longevity.



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The early 2000s most nostalgic remember ... This travel mean was a great success with the first folding model "Micro" commercialisation. Seen more as a toy, scooter is gradually abandoned and forgotten. Today, it signs its big return in the urban landscape with its motorized version, a solution then far removed from the "soft mobility" value that city needs.

Although electric scooter companies offer main cities all around the world the opportunity to ride, it also became popular to practice with scooters without a battery or engine. Like cycling, this practice is quite instinctive and doesn’t require a strong balance. Attracting a more adult audience, scooter is more made for small daily journeys (2-3 km) because the speed that you can reach remains restricted. The ratio of effort provided/distance traveled is therefore less interesting.

The wheels size is an essential comfort criterion: the bigger diameter, the more you will have the opportunity to gain speed. Also, braking on a scooter is very simple with a pedal on the back. Requiring little maintenance, scooter practice of is reassuring.

This urban transport is often foldable and follow you in your urban travels. A little heavy (around 5kg) and bulky although folded (almost a meter), it still seduces an  wider and wider audience.


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Skateboarding is a perfect alternative for boardsport enthusiasts such as surfing or snowboarding. On a daily basis, getting on your skateboard is a great way to find some sea or mountain sensations.

If this practice is less intuitive than bike or scooter and is considered a more child-oriented or teenager-oriented urban transport mean, it is also a good way to get around your city. While being good for your body, the challenge of learning to skate seduces more and more.

By developing your reflexes and your agility, skateboarding is a way of strengthening your muscle mass, while gaining flexibility. Braking, more complex with skateboard (need to get off the board) can make its use in the city more technical. So take the time to apprehend your skateboard before using it as a mean of daily travel.

The disciplines variety offered by skateboarding will allow you to do cruising in longboard, freestyle with mini-skateboard ... However, if the first is bulky (80-90 cm minimum for 3kg), the second lack of real stability and speeding.


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This dynamic sport solicits all your muscles and allows you to work on your balance. Whether your skates are "in line" (4 or 3 wheels aligned on the chassis) or "quad" (2x2 wheels), this practice is accessible and allows you to discover new speed sensations and unrivalled freedom. Your roller skates are your body continuity and accompany all your movements. Light and responsive, they follow you in your daily travels and in many sporting practices: urban transport, roller dance, rink hockey, derby, acrobatic roller skating...

Practicing roller skate is for many a "Proust madeleine". This very popular means of transport in the 90-2000's has always seduced by its originality and its playful aspect. If the fear of falling can make you hesitate to adopt this new strolling in town way, some sessions will allow you to better apprehend the different obstacles.

We chose at Flaneurz to propose an innovation for roller skates. by developing our system, we wanted to make skating more accessible, perfectly meeting the needs of city dwellers: a clean and compact urban transport. By disconnecting your plate from your shoes, only your rolling parts are to be transported. Carrying with leash or in a backpack, the rolling parts weight is about 3 kg. Clip, roll! Unclip, leave with the same shoes to conquer the city. Don’t choose between your style and your mean of transport.


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Whether you choose one or the other urban transport mode, your need for security remains unchanged.

Bicycles can take the road and must respect the traffic regulations. Bicycle path are reserved for cyclist, and are subject to the traffic regulations too. Scooters, skateboards and roller skates are considered as pedestrians, so they ride on the sidewalk. It is good to check your country laws to know precise circulation conditions.

To guide you safely, feel free to plan your route in advance, or look for new alternatives. For example, the Parisian start-up Galanck offers “Galuchon”, a smart backpack for soft urban transport users. Its GPS navigation connected system will allow you to be guided in the city without having to consult your smartphone thanks to a vibration system. The LED lights integrated along the reflective shoulder straps also allow you to be visible to other road users and indicate your changes of direction.


© Flaneurz / Amandine, avec son galuchon Galanck


Whether you are a Flaneurz community member, or any other user of soft urban transport, we support your approach. The equipment evolution makes it possible today to find the one which will correspond best to your way of life.

The body energy is our best ally.