Roller skating is a multi-faceted sport that has endured over time and is once again enjoying great popularity.. It helps to improve physical health, contributes to a better mental state and is also a vehicle for socialization The benefits of this mode of transport are countless.


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Roller skating is first and foremost good for your physical health. Like more traditional sports such as running, swimming or weight training, roller skating allows you to build up your muscles and lose weight while protecting your joints

On average, one hour of roller skating is equivalent to burning 500 calories. It is an in-depth workout for your muscles and joints.. 90% of your body is involved:  not only your lower body, but also your back and abdominal muscles, which help to keep you stable

This exercise not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular and brain disease but also helps your body to better control insulin which can be beneficial for people with diabetes. Roller skating is an aerobic exercise that improves your cardiovascular system and your daily breathing.



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Skating is not just about physical effort. YourYour mind also works when you put on your skates. How is it possible?

Your mind is essential to roller skating because it is what allows you to excel. Even though beginners may fall, getting back on your skates and persevering is important, because that is when your mind and determination take over. Roller skating improves your self-confidence, allows you to dare and to exceed your set goalsThereforeThis practice develops confidence and strengthens your mind as you train.

In addition, skating is a stress reliever. Practicing roller skating as a leisure activity or in competition allows you to relax and escape. It makes you feel light and brings positivity. The benefits of roller skating go hand in hand with the feeling of freedom.



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There are many options to change the way you get around, and this article presents some of them.

Getting around the city without polluting has become an emergency. Apart from cycling, whose advantages are no longer to be proven, roller skating is a lighter way of reappropriating urban space. Soft mobility, zero ecological footprint, the progressive gain in ease will allow you to gain in safety.

At Flaneurz, we are helping to change urban transport by developing our innovation: the detachable roller skate. One touch of the clip-off key, and and you are back on foot to your destination. A click of the heel and you're back on the road, enjoying all the benefits of roller skating.



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The roller skating community is growing. People who enjoy soft mobility appreciate the benefits of roller skating. This practice differs according to each person's desires: fitness, derby, speed, freestyle, dance, daily transportation, etc..

These multiple activities form a community: multiple associations and large-scale events are flourishing all over the world. At the same time, initiations for beginners are becoming popular to reinforce the pedagogy around roller skating. The collective practice strengthens the social link and this for all social categories.

The Flaneurz Roller Skating Club regularly organizes events to promote this sport. The first international major event, Rdv Dance In Paris, brought together over 1000 skaters in July.

No matter how active you are or how much time you spend roller skating, you will appreciate the benefits. Boost your pleasure by testing and adopting our detachable roller skates. The Ready-to-Roll pack and Change your Shoes are available and waiting for you.