The Flaneurz innovation, which enables you to go from walking to skating in a matter of seconds, is a hit with everyone who discovers it. The originality of the concept arouses enthusiasm that is sometimes tempered by the price tag. 
Many of you have asked us about this, and we've decided, in the spirit of transparency, to take you into the manufacturing process, from your order to the delivery of your Flaneurz roller skates.
With this knowledge, we hope you'll be able to better understand the selling prices we're bound to apply, not only due to economic factors, but also to our desire to maintain an excellence in quality.






Flaneurz is committed to offering you high-quality detachable roller skates that combine performance and style. Our collaborations with shoe brands and other distributors ensure a diverse and trendy range. However, we can't control the dynamics of supply and demand: the most popular models are also the most expensive to source.

At the same time, we need to anticipate stock levels of all the materials required to manufacture the Flaneurz system. If we group together the parts for the shoe and those for the rolling part, we have a total of 30 parts designed and machined in France, all of which are made in France. 

Patented in 2015, it consists of a female part housed in the sole of your shoes and a male part integrated into the chassis. Together, they form the Flaneurz innovation that enables you to go from walking to skating in a matter of seconds.A pair of Flaneurz skates requires many components. High-quality materials such as the chassis, trucks, cushions, wheels and bearings, stops, etc. ensure the durability, performance and longevity of your Flaneurz skates.







The Factory, our production line in Grenoble, France, is the hub of the Flaneurz roller skate manufacturing process. It's here that Flaneurz and Slades products take shape, through two key elements.

We assemble all the components we've chosen for their technicality and quality, build the chassis and transform the soles of your shoes. It takes six machines, 20 major steps and two hours of meticulous work to produce a pair of Flaneurz detachable roller skates. Each pair is unique. 
Our team of engineers has worked long and hard to develop these tools and infrastructure, and is constantly improving production quality. The maintenance and supply of all our tools generate costs and have an impact on the price of our products.


People are another key factor! 
Flaneurz skates are handcrafted in France, with a highly motivated team dedicated to assembling all the materials by hand to offer you a high-quality product. We encourage you to take a look at the Savoir Faire page on our website to better understand all the steps and means deployed to make the concept possible. Such high quality workmanship obviously has an impact on the final price of the products.




Quality control is the last step before your detachable roller skates are shipped worldwide. Customer Relations team Inès and Léa are with you every step of the way.


Our mission is to enable the transformation of as many of your favorite pairs of shoes as possible. This means a constant commitment to research and development. Today, we're thinking about bringing you new offers and new products. In fact, we're delighted to announce that certain pairs of shoes with air bubbles are now officially compatible with the Flaneurz system. Check out our custom offer now!


We hope this article has helped you understand how a pair of Flaneurz is made, and the material and human investment required to offer you this type of product.If you enjoyed it, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram to share your feedback. We'll answer all your questions. Coming soon, we'll take you through the production process for Slades, which has a few different features.