Settled in Pantin since August 2020, Flaneurz has been working to share the sensations of roller skating to the greatest number of people, since its creation in 2014.

The Team has organized several events throughout the years. Following their success, an association was born: “the Flaneurz Roller Skating Club of Pantin”, led by the French figure skating champion: Najete Kada.

Its goal: sharing the passion and values of roller skating, by organizing events, on the one hand, and providing roller skating classes for everyone on the other hand.


Roller skating classes in Paris@Flaneurz


/Classes for everyone

The Flaneurz Roller Skating Club of Pantin was created in September 2020. Sharing the pleasant sensations of gliding to all ages has always been in Flaneurz's DNA.

Najete: “We would like to create an organization in our image: modern, innovative and dynamic. Our goal: make roller skating accessible and fun. The Flaneurz Roller Skating Club of Pantin welcomes those curious about trying roller skating, with Flaneurz or traditional skates, beginners or advanced skaters, from 4 years old.”

/Sharing values

The association aims to promote the athletic, cultural and social values of roller skating.

Passing on athletic values:
The Flaneurz Roller Skating club of Pantin Team is composed of passionate professionals, for whom it is essential to share the values roller skating conveys: team spirit, persistence and surpassing oneself. In the medium term, the association would like to train tomorrow's athletes, by providing group classes in a gymnasium in Pantin and roller skating classes in Paris.

Sharing a culture : 
Najete: “Roller skating carries a strong culture that unifies people from very different horizons around the same passion. This sport is also associated with a broad musical culture: funk, disco, electro, hip-hop…The community’s identity is often expressed through a creative and assertive clothing style.”

A variety of activities are associated with roller skating: derby, figure skating, roller dance, hockey, urban mobility...

Roller skating classes in Paris@Flaneurz

Maintaining a social bond:

It is precisely because Flaneurz aims to amplify the cultural wealth and talent of the Parisian suburbs that it has moved its offices and shop to Pantin. Taking part in local reach, providing opportunities for Parisians and suburbians to meet, come from the same will.

Najete: “The roller skating club is often considered as a second family.   Bringing young people together around this sport conveys a wide social wealth. It’s our ambition.”


You are a company, a community, an association, looking for an original idea to federate your associate partners and collaborators with a unique experience… You want to make an impression for the launch of a product...

Whenever you are in France, the Flaneurz Roller Skating club of Pantin Team is your partner to create a custom made event that will meet your expectations. 

Our many partners can testify that we always aim for excellence.

We’ve already worked with: Le Point Ephémère, la Cité Fertile, la REcyclerie. We are also honored by our collaborations with My little Paris, Nike & La Bande à Sneakers.

Najete: “Our fleet of 160 rental roller skates, added to our qualified staff, allows us to offer/provide a full adaptable on demand package. Besides, we’ll have a modular skating track soon (end 2021). We want to create moments of friendliness and see everyone dancing or skating all night long. That will be possible thanks to the regular roller party we would like to put in place.”

Roller skating classes in Paris@Flaneurz


For more information about this association and the roller skating classes, please send an email at [email protected].

For more information about the event organization, please send an email at [email protected] or call the +33 (0)6 20 12 44 09.