One more time, W Paris - Opéra impressed you. Flaneurz wants to surprise you and you were happy when you left the roller party (which launched the pop-up store).




At 6:30pm, the Roller Week starts with a roller dance workshop animated by Florian Gravier, Flaneurz co-founder. First steps are hesitated but later we see a lot of controlled footworks. Paulette media covers the event. Court_gette follows Florian’s choreography, amazed by her Vans Change Your Shoes Custom. Maëliss Conan, four times world freeride inline champion is at the roller party too; she is equipped with her Flaneurz Reebok Freestyle pair. Ludovic and Andréa of It’s about LA put on their Flaneurz Adidas Top Ten skates. Other people put on quad skates such as Pierre Pomonti of Folkr, LAPPOMS, Chloé the blogger of thegingerchloe, Julie Pussino, and Jon Larrucea (Skater Pro, European Freestyle Slalom Classic and Battle champion).


© Sian_photo


At 8:30pm, the eagest people passed through the prestigious hotel doors, and they go to skate rent area. We rent our Flaneurz selling skates and other vintage pairs of skates like the Americana which were famous at the “La Main Jaune” time.

Never mind with what skate pair you danced, Wednesday evening you all were strollers on the Pitcha rhythm.

You tasted the cocktails made by the W Paris - Opéra bartender and you were seduced by its covered terrace.

At 9:30pm, you attended to the roller dance show, animated by Florian Gravier and Najete Kada, SkateXpress roller dance crew members. When it was time to leave, some of you hindered the time when they had to take off their skates.



© Create Lamine - W Paris Opéra




Thursday at 10:00 am, you are waiting to buy your Flaneurz pair because you were seduced by the concept during the roller party. The Flaneurz X W Paris - Opéra pop-up store welcomed  you for 4 days, from 10:00am to 7:00pm. “Ready-to-roll” models was there, and the new FARAWAY collection models too. You discovered and tried on the new FIRST rolling parts. We were happy to present our innovations to guests from all over the world, such as a Taïwanese family. They buy 4 pairs (skates for each family members) to stroll in the ocean other side. You also came to try a Flaneurz pair for your birthday... and you leave the pop-up store with your favorite model at your feet!


 © Create Lamine - W Paris Opéra


You give us your shoes pair to transform it into a Change Your Shoes Custom.

Tom Shanon is a pro skater, he is famous in skate shows and knowed all over the world. He wrote a Facebook post about his visit to the pop-up store:

“I miss coming back to see skate universe and follow what he become too… I came to the pop-up store and I finally been able to see in details the famous skates that everybody talk.. I saw a quality product and a dedicated team… In short, it is skates made with a lot of love… bravo ! Thank you Wallid for the detailed visit, and bravo to Florian Gravier for this bold company.”

Tom Shanon (Pro Skater)


 © Create Lamine - W Paris Opéra




Friday afternoon, there is the organization of a workshop dedicated to W Paris - Opéra Talents. They are called “Talents” for their creativity and their professional skills, the hotel collaborators transmits its style and values.

Despite the burning sun, everybody surpass themselves.
Talents was happy to try detachable skates, some of them have seen Flaneurz skates during the Glitter Launching Party in March.

The Sunday pop-up store finished with a workshop, animated by Laurence Sabas, Flaneurz ambassador, skate coach and SkateXpress crew member. You were comfortable for your first steps. Before leaving the hotel, some of you buy the pair which seduced them during the workshop. Flaneurz team looks forwards to see you with your new Flaneurz pair for next events.


 © Morgane Prottengeier


If you missed the Flaneurz pop-up store, rendez-vous on the Saturday 7th of July for Flaneurz skatelab open doors: an opportunity  to try “Ready-to-Roll” or Change your shoes collection models. You can bring your own pair of shoes to make a Change Your Shoes too.

If you want to meet you one more time during unusual events 3 rendez-vous are organized at La REcyclerie. To be informed about Flaneurz news, follow us on our Facebook page. You could also take a rendez-vous to try the pair you want at our skatelab.