Are you visiting and looking for the best places to show off your roller skating skills? Look no further! Clip on your Flaneurz and explore 10 of the best roller skating spots in the City of Angels.

We have classified them in 3 categories: First, the most beautiful rides, second, the places that host the craziest roller parties, and third, the places you have to be to meet the community.


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We have selected 3 different  seaside routes , each with its own set of landscapes and discoveries.

Long Beach offers a relaxing walk along the beach. With its long bike path, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and in a peaceful paradise. Along the way you will find Junipero Beach. This beach is a real crossroads that attracts people from all walks of life, from casual walkers to passionate skaters. Crews like Sk8 n Meet Santana and Sk8 Friends offer meetings in the area, and we encourage you to keep up with their events so you can participate.


Venice Beach is a must-see destination for those interested in roller culture. It's not just a postcard, but a historical site of 80's roller dancing.

First, discover the heart of this district with the artificial canals inspired by the city of Venice, in Italy.
Then, clip on your detachable roller skates and start your ride at the Venice skatepark, a mythical place where you will meet all kinds of practices (park, roller dance...). Explore this bike path that goes up north and stops at the end of Will Rogers State Beach. This scenic ride is the perfect way to experience the beauty of the area. These trails run directly across the beach and sand, offering a unique experience.

Beware for those who are not used to it, the thin film of sand on some parts of the trail can make it dangerous to skate at high speeds.


Start your ride at Santa Monica Pier, a mythical filming location. Discover the various attractions offered, put on your skates and follow the coast via the bike path. Pass by Venice Beach, if you didn't do the first proposed itinerary, this is the opportunity to discover the energy of this neighborhood.

At the end of the ride, you will reach Manhattan Beach, an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles County. Here you can enjoy many activities such as surfing, swimming or shopping. Eat a hot dog in Santa-Monica then go surfing in Manhattan Beach and come back on rollerblades with a beautiful sunset, a good program, right?

These 3 spots allow you to visit a large part of the coast. There are also other spots further inland;
Franister, one of our Flaneurz brand representatives, suggests several spots such as : LA river Trail, Chandler Bikeway or San Gabriel River Trail.


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Immerse yourself in the craziest roller parties with your Flaneurz and go to the different roller rinks to show off your dancing skills.


A 50-meter long skating rink is what awaits you at the Fountain Valley Skating Center. It's an iconic roller rink that has been welcoming skaters from all walks of life for over 40 years. Located in the south of the city, not far from Huntington beach, you will be immersed in a mix of cultures between new school skaters and real "OG's". It is in a very family spirit that you will enjoy the track.

It is equipped with everything you need to skate and can be booked for private parties, group events and skating lessons. Just contact the rink on their social networks ( Instagram, Facebook). You can find the different events on their website with all the details in their calendar. The best evenings for us are on Sunday and Wednesday. You will also enjoy the facilities between two dances: snacks, drinks, pool tables and arcade games...We highly recommend you to go there, the FVSC is a must for the skating fans in LA.


Skate express is one of the top spots to party on roller skates, it is quite far from downtown since it is located in the Chino area but is still very accessible by car (about 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles). Prices range from 11 to 20 dollars for the entrance and it is possible to rent your roller skates on the spot. The atmosphere is different from one night to another, many DJ's propose their style and there is something for everyone!

Small tip, because we like to share our good plans: we advise you the adult night sessions of Saturday and Sunday, the atmosphere is better and believe in our experience, you won't regret it. All the info is available on their Instagram and on the calendar via their website.


Why be indoors when you can party in the beautiful California sunshine? The L.A. Kings Burbank Sport Center, mainly used for field hockey games, is also known for hosting roller parties. They are mostly organized by "crews" like Skate Oddity, Rogue Rollers and SK8 Pop Up, we invite you to subscribe to their social networks to be informed of their news.

These events attract a crowd of skating enthusiasts from all walks of life and are a great way to experience the Los Angeles skating scene. These skate parties feature a variety of themes: disco, retro, gothic and more... You name it! Visitors can rent skates on site or bring their own. It's also an opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy live music and entertainment.

As a bonus we advise you to have a look at roller rinks like Moonlight Rollerway, Holiday skate center or Mar Vista roller rink (when there is no field hockey game) which are worth a visit.


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Roller skating has always been a strong culture in the city of Los Angeles. The different communities organize many events and activities throughout the city, offering a wide variety of choices for fans of the sport. Here are some recommendations to help you find the right event for you.


As you can see, Venice Beach is a spot not to be missed, it is considered the Mecca of rollerblading! In addition to being a great ride, it is also a meeting place for the skating community, offering a unique atmosphere for skaters of all levels. They are a close-knit community that shares a passion for the sport and the laid-back California lifestyle. Don't be afraid to reach out to people, they are always happy to expand the skating family!

Many skating events are held on Venice Beach, such as night skating sessions, figure skating competitions and meet and greets with professionals. For more information, check out the Venice Beach SK8 Dance plaza Instagram to join the community!

For the more curious, we invite you to watch Roller Dreams directed by Kate Hickey, a documentary that tells the history of rollerblading in Venice Beach.



Pigeon's is a Los Angeles area store specializing in the sale of skates and accessories for skaters of all levels. In addition, the store has created a loyal community and regularly organizes skating events. 

Located in Long Beach, Pigeon's opens the doors to its own roller rink. Whatever your level, the goal is to have fun, meet new people, all in a festive environment. Possibility to rent or buy a pair of Slades on the spot. Find all the news on Instagram/ Facebook and the rink's schedule on their website.


Marvin Braude is the trail that leads you to Manhattan beach. With a strong skating community, it offers you the opportunity to share your passion.

On Thursday nights, you will come across communities like "L.A skate Hunnies". Check out their Instagram and calendar, this is where their group rides and parties start.


The last spot is for the ladies: meet the Moxi Girls! 

The Moxi Girls are a group of skaters from Los Angeles based in Long Beach, known for their participation in promoting the culture of roller quad. They hold annual events that bring together hundreds of skaters from all over the city.

Each year, the Moxi Girls organize the "Moxi Skate Camp". This event is a true skating festival, offering an immersive experience for passionate skaters. Bowl skating, dance skating and many other disciplines are featured... Discover the last editions on their Youtube channel.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to not miss their news and other events in Los Angeles.



We've introduced you to our favorite spots in the city but there are still many other great places to explore, we can advise you to follow Jackie Cross and Franister, our branded representatives, who will give you more tips and good plans.

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