Price evolution - October 2022


For the past year, and especially since last spring, the energy crisis has directly impacted companies. Flaneurz hasn’t escaped those tensions and sees it’s costs increasing in different sectors:

/Costs of raw materials and manufactured components necessary to the making of the Flaneurz/Slades system
/The transportation of components we receive from our suppliers and the shipping of orders to our customers
/The company’s regular expenses (inflation, cost of energy…)
/The variation of conversion rates between our supplier’s local currencies and the Euro which evolves to our disadvantage

Our production costs are increasing for all these reasons and we have to impact this change on our sale prices in order to offer a fair rate. This is the only alternative to maintain a financial viability in order to keep our production line durable and a qualitative After-Sales Service.

These price evolutions will be effective from October 20th on our website, our shop in Pantin and at our resellers.

We remain more than ever dedicated to offering you quality detachable skates and accessories to accompany you in all your urban adventures.

Thank you for your understanding and your trust.


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