How do I maintain my shoe?


Make sure that nothing alters the contact between the outsole and the rolling base for an optimal lock (including gravel stuck in the sole or in the compartments, chewing gum, bits of tar). If necessary, use the unlocking key to scrape away dirt and/or use a damp cloth to clean the sole.

Maintaining cleanliness: use a damp cloth to clean the part made of cotton and gently clean the part made of suede with suitable products. Do not put the shoes in the washing machine and/or the dryer. Let your shoes dry in the open air as often as possible. Also, do not leave the product near heat sources (heaters or fireplaces) that could damage or distort the shoe.

The sole must not be in contact with solvents (acetone, oil, gasoline), as it may cause irreversible damage to the product.

How do I maintain my wheels, bearings and cushions?

Make sure that there are no chips or flat spots on the wheels. Rotate your wheels regularly for them to last longer. To do so, use a 13 mm socket wrench and unscrew the nut which holds the wheel and the truck together. Take off the wheel and replace it with another one. Be careful to place it in the right way (domed side of the wheel outwards). Tighten the nut once the wheel is correctly placed. For more information, watch our Slades tutorial. Remove any sharp edges on the shoe or the rolling base created through use. It is not necessary to regularly change the cushions.

Bearings need regular cleaning, and need to be changed if you skate very often. Skating in the rain or on wet surfaces damages the bearings; that is why it is not recommended.

How do I maintain the system and chassis?

The mechanical system (back hooks) must not be oiled or greased (for example WD40). These greasy products will agglomerate the dirt, which will tarnish the system and cause it to jam. It can be cleaned with a soft cloth to remove dust, or with a dust spray. The bearings are the only pieces of the product that can be lubricated.


You can clean the chassis with a soft damp cloth. 


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